Mission, Values, Aims and Objectives


Croshare exists to engage a diverse audience in a participatory art practice in which knowledge of, and skills for, crochet are passed on from artists to participants in an exploration of the relationship between the master and the apprentice.


Communication: To enable accessible communication that enables future and further transmission of Croshare and participation in the project.

Community: To build, develop and maintain local, national, online and physical communities of practice centred around Croshare’s activities.

Creativity: To explore others’ and one’s own creativity through conscious acts of both consumption (history and theory) and production (participation and practice).

Participation: To recognise, respect and value those who participate in Croshare and any and all efforts made as part of their participation.


To engage a diverse audience with the practice of crochet.

To engage a diverse audience with the production of artistic artefacts as items of cultural value.

To encourage the formation of communities based on shared knowledge and skills.

To encourage the sharing of knowledge and skills without requiring compensation or a recompense.

To encourage a diverse audience to develop their knowledge and skills in areas outside their existing interests.

To encourage a diverse audience to explore their potential as artists and creative beings.

To challenge ongoing perceptions of crochet and its practice as being restricted to women and the domestic sphere.


To participate in local and national exhibitions, fairs and festivals in order to conduct Croshare sessions.

To teach participants in Croshare basic crochet skills such as chains, double crochet stitches and treble crochet stitches.

To provide a definition of participatory art that is both accessible and attractive to those unfamiliar with the term.

To encourage Croshare participants to use the project’s social media channels to link with one another to discuss their participation and future engagement with art, crochet and knowledge and skills sharing.

To provide a knowledge base, freely accessible and easily shared, that enables visitors to the Croshare website to learn to crochet without physical tuition.