About the Artists

Photo of Sharon Bennett

Through a collaborative practice, Sharon Bennett aims to act as a facilitator, creating opportunities for the artist, collaborators and audience to have a dialogue with one another and with the work.

Sharon makes work where the experience of making is part of the work, and enjoys working with others and collaborating in both the creation and the execution of this. To get a different perspective helps Sharon to keep it real, connected and accessible, something she considers important. While Sharon aims to make work that is engaging, interesting and challenging, she does not want to make work that is so obscure that it becomes inaccessible.

Sharon’s current work draws on the idea that we are all a reserve of accumulated knowledge that is inherited, passed on and shared across generations and between peers. By encouraging the sharing of knowledge, she explores and enhances the relationships around her alongside notions of generosity, the everyday and pedagogy.

As well as being a co-founder of Croshare, Sharon is a founder member of The Women’s Art Activation System (WAAS) and a member of both Ace&Lion and Critical Practice. You can visit Sharon’s website here.

Photo of Tom Jeram-West

Principally, Tom Jeram-West works across humanities and the creative industries, applying transdisciplinary practices from the breadth of their academic and industry experience and expertise to research into identity and creative practice, with particular interests in the intersections of this and gender performance, sexuality, queer theory and media practice.

Tom is also a designer-maker and researcher with a specific interest in fibre and textiles-related handcrafts. Through this practice, they enjoy exploring the complex relationships between materials and methods; decoration and function; the historical and the contemporary, and the cultural and the social.

As well as being part of Croshare, Tom writes an eponymous personal blog; explores their relationship with creativity through The Five to Nine, and is a co-founder of the Portsmouth and Southsea Consortium, a volunteer community supporting and showcasing enterprise, knowledge, innovation and skill in artists, crafters, designers and makers from its local area.