A crocheted X and O for CROXARE

Croshare at XOXO@OXO, #TRIBE17 – Update

We’re excited to announce a slight change to Croshare’s participation in XOXO@OXO. Unfortunately, it’s no longer possible for us to conduct our original idea, making use of our crocheted Xs and Os to conduct our games of speed dating noughts and crosses; however, Croshare will still be there!

Croshare co-founder Sharon Bennett will conduct a dialogical event at XOXO@OXO that remains centred on the performative aspect(s) of meeting someone new for the first time, echoing the ethos of Croshare’s original idea:

Our crocheted Xs and Os – these tangible representations of kisses and hugs respectively – will be used as ‘tokens’, given to attendees of the festival willing to identify themselves as single and interested in an encounter that may possibly result in a romantic ‘event’ – for example, the exchange of contact details or an invitation to go on a date. Those bearing these ‘tokens’ will be encouraged to seek one another out and see what happens!*

If you’re attending XOXO@OXO at #TRIBE17 and are interested in taking part, send Croshare a message on Twitter on the day at @croshare – DMs are open, if you’d rather contact us privately.

If you do participate, we’ll ask you to document any interactions you have both with other ‘token bearers’ and those who ask you about yours. The easiest way for you to do this is to share these experiences on social media – we’re @croshare across the board, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; and remember to use the hashtag #CROXARE!

— — —

*Disclaimer/reminder: Nothing may happen. Participants wearing tokens aren’t obliged to interact with one another, and there should be no expectation made about the result(s) of an interaction. All participants must respect the boundaries set by anyone with whom they interact, and must comply with any request to discontinue an(y) interaction(s). Croshare assumes no responsibility for the behaviour of any participants, nor for any consequences of participating; those taking part do so entirely at their own risk. Inappropriate behaviour may be reported to festival organisers, those responsible in/for the venue at which the festival is being held or other third parties as deemed necessary to contribute to the personal safety and security of participants, as well that of Croshare, the festival and the venue.

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