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Croshare Catch-up – February 2017

As we begin working on this year’s Croshare projects, we experience of one of the things that pops up again and again: the generosity of people we’ve never before met. Over the last year, we’ve received gifts of advice, contacts, connections, networking, promotion, goods and services from a significant number of people, all given with one aim: helping us advance our artistic and artisanal practices to achieve our goals.

We don’t make specific requests for ‘free’ assistance; anything and everything we receive is given with no expectation of anything in return – well, aside from doing our best in whatever we’ve set out to do… The generosity others show in helping us get our activities and projects up and running motivates us to do the absolute best we can with these – to make certain there is a return on the investment these people have shown, both in practical means and in good faith.

We want to make sure that all involved in Croshare sessions benefit from these as much as we do, and take away something they can put to good use not only in relation to art and craft activities, but perhaps other parts of their lives also.

This generosity teaches us a lesson about the value and worth of what we do in others’ eyes, and teaches us also about what might be called an obligation to help out when and where you can, if it doesn’t make you any worse off than you already are; it recognises that there are times at which it’s possible to support others’ work without this taking anything away from your own, something that will become ever more important given the world in which we now live.

As we begin to work in earnest on this year’s projects, we do in the hope that we will be able to put some of that ‘pay-it-forward’ philosophy into our planning and help others to get as much out of our work as we know we will.

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