A view across the Solent, August 2016

Croshare Catch-up – January 2017

The period just before and just after new year is a wonderful time to both look back on the accomplishments of the previous year, and to think about what may await you over the coming months. It’s a good way to make use of the peculiar ‘limbo’ between Christmas and the new year, during which time appears to stand still – but, that might just be a symptom of eating one too many mince pies. Who knows?

Croshare enjoyed a successful 2016, participating in Site Festival and Antiuniversity Now; both events allowed us to take our artistic practice to a different part of the country, meeting new people as we tried new things to mix up crochet and participatory art – we think we did pretty well, even if we say so ourselves, and enjoyed the varied mix of administrative, artistic, cultural and logistical challenges that we took on along the way. It’s always amazing just how much an artistic practice isn’t just about the ‘art’, about the artefact(s), outcome(s) or output(s); it’s about how you manage to achieve these, the journey from proposal to project or product, and it’s with this journey in mind that we look ahead to 2017.

The start of the year is full of potential, as events and organisations issue their calls for proposals and extend invitations to individuals and groups up and down the country to artists, creative practitioners, designers, makers, performers… We’re all eager to get out there and prove to ourselves, more than anything else, that we have learnt from our past year, that we have advanced our practice, and that we are ready to respond to these calls and invitations with creative, innovative and original thoughts and actions. It’s with this positivity that we start to consider what we might get up to this year, looking forward to the hard work as well as its results.

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